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Licensed by the National Ministry of Education, City Institute, Dalian University of Technology (DUT) was founded in March2003. Run by Dalian University of Technology, City Institute, DUT is the first undergraduate institute in Northeast China, practicing a new type of management and operation.

Located in Dalian, one of the ten modern and vigorous economic coastal cities, City Institute has complete and advanced teaching facilities and provides students with the first-class learning and living environment.

DUT is in charge of City Institute’s teaching activities and administration.

Fully exploiting the teaching strengths of DUT, City Institute has set up the programs to meet the requirements of social development. At present, there are 24 departments in 6 different schools, including School of Computer Science, School of Electronic and AutomationSchool of Management, School of Architecture and Engineering, School of Foreign Languages and School of Art and Media. Currently there are nearly 6750 undergraduates from all over the country.

Based on DUT’s abundant teaching staff, rich teaching resources and top-notch managerial expertise, City Institute is striving for multifaceted educational aims, practicing teaching reform and innovation, focusing on encouraging fine academic style. Our students- centered, society-oriented educational principle is sure to nurture high quality talents with practical abilities.

With full implementation of the Party’s educational principles, careful and precise teaching attitude and outstanding characteristics, City Institute insists on the teaching philosophy of Students-centered Learning, Theory-based Practicing. Today, All of us teaching staff are endeavoring to achieve the goal of creating first-class environment, undertaking first-class education, establishing a first-class institute, cultivating first –class talents, construct influential programs and actively develop City Institute, DUT into a brand new high-leveled application-oriented institute of technology in China.

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